YOU'RE INVITED - To Rethink Church

Join us at People's Church for an



 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 10:30 AM - 12 PM

Have you ever thought that church is stuffy, boring, or irrelevant to your life? Well, not OUR CHURCH! 

People's Church is hosting an Open House!

Discover the excitement that People’s Church can bring to you and your family.

Expect incredible live music, exciting special features, and a powerful teach. Come early for delicious donuts and coffee, on us!

Experience the warmth of people who truly care for, and accept one another where they’re at.

Imagine that church could actually be this awesome!


What’s Available for Children and Youth?

We have fantastic programs for children and youth that run during the same time as the adult service.

Age 0-2 Our nursery provides a safe place where your babies will be cuddled and cared for while you take in the adult service.
Age 3-5 We have exciting and age-appropriate classes for your little ones at the church. Play centres, crafts, snacks, and a fun lesson, are just some of what’s in store!
Grade 1-5 These energetic kids have their own service at The Reach Centre which includes FREE Play Centre access, games, crafts, snack and a short teach!
Junior Youth (Grade 6-8) Our Junior Youth join the adults in the main auditorium for the music in the first segment of the service, then go to The Reach Centre for their own exciting and age-appropriate teach.

jim kozy

"All it took was a gentle nudge from a friend and willingness on my part to walk through the front door to see how welcoming, relaxed, and accessible People's Church is. 'Come as you are' is truly the philosophy here. It doesn't matter who you are or what past you come from - it's about what you want to do today to bring God into your heart and what they can do to help you."

- Jim Kozy

jim kozy

"I walked into People's Church on a random Sunday in November, 2016. I was hurt, angry, hopeless and needing an explanation. I needed to know why. Not only did I recieve my WHY, over time I learned HOW, and I now know WHO. The where and when will come. Every single Sunday that has passed has given me my life back. People's Church kick-started my relationship with God and created a life of purpose for my family and I."

- Aimee Deley

jim kozy

"My first experience at People’s Church was very enlightening. I didn’t feel judged, the people were friendly, and I just felt welcomed. I enjoy the upbeat music and just feel better when I leave than when I come."

- Rob Christensen